This is the most important time in our company’s history. We are launching our app! But there is still a lot to do so, if you join our team, we really need your full commitment. Berlin is an amazing international city that offers something for everyone – parks, museums, cafés, yoga studios on every corner – but it’s also known for its party scene. If you’re here to experience Berlin’s nightlife,  that’s cool, we don’t judge, but then we’re not the right match for each other. If the following things are your priority – personal growth and development, learning, contributing to a bigger cause, honing your character and becoming a kinder, more compassionate and giving person – then we welcome you to apply; we would be very happy to meet you.

Our team is full of people who believe in our mission to make this world a happier place. We understand that we are all imperfect human beings for whom growth and learning is a never-ending journey. How can we convince our users to work on themselves – physically, mentally, socially – if we don’t do it ourselves? Therefore, it is important that you are an open-minded and self-reflective person who has an itch to make a positive impact in this world. What’s more, we are more than just a company team, we are like a small family! We are always looking to expand our work-family tree with like-minded people.