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Join this Vinyasa sequence where we will follow the breath in each posture and bring consciousness to each movement, together. At the same time, we will give our body the nurturing care that it needs.

Follow our yoga instructor, Joe El-Achhab, in this online yoga session and explore some of the foundational postures within the variable sequence that Vinyasa yoga can be. Learn how to connect your movement to your breath and set a positive intention of moving forward in your practice and in your life.

The Set is built on the Awakening Yoga Solar Vinyasa which was developed by Patrick Beach, Joe’s teacher, and it adheres to the original sequence. The class offers a great benchmark for those just starting their yoga journey, as Joe takes us through each posture. But don’t worry if you are already skilled! This is a challenging class for all levels, and the good thing about following a set is that when you come back to it next time, you can test it and see where you have improved!

Join this Vinyasa Flow on Saturday April 10th at 12:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm CET) and get your energies moving! All you will need is a yoga mat or soft surface.

And before you go, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for empowering yoga tutorials and find out more about what he does here.

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