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Did you ever see these cool yoga positions where only one’s hands were holding their entire body? Where it looked like their poses defied gravity? Well, now you have the opportunity to join expert yoga instructor, Joe El-Achhab, for a session to explore foundational postures and test your hand balancing, as well as inversion skills. The Set is built on the Awakening Yoga Solar Vinyasa which was developed by Patrick Beach, Joe’s teacher.

The class is set in its sequence and is a great benchmark for those just starting their yoga journey. But don’t worry if you are already skilled! This is a challenging class for all levels, which you can join March 6th at 1pm EST! All you will need is a yoga mat or soft surface.

The session will give a marker, so when you come back for another round, you can test to see where you have improved!

And before you go, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for empowering yoga tutorials and find out more about what he does here.

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