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Join Hannah for a FREE 60-minute self-love coaching Thursday, June 10th at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT & 7pm CEST.

‘This self-love coaching session will give you a chance to discover more about yourself; to reflect on who you are, your thoughts and actions. In the process of learning to love yourself, you go through periods of acceptance, forgiveness and learn to grow your confidence and worthiness too. Giving yourself space to connect with yourself and your thoughts is a huge step towards this.

This session will allow you to ask yourself what is holding you back, what is happening in your life right now and will leave you with an action plan to move forward on your journey of self-love.

If we can accept and love ourselves for who we are, we can create the life we truly deserve to live.

Pre-Event Activity

Think of an area of your life where you want to show yourself more love. Consider these questions before you join the event:

1) What am I holding onto that I need to forgive myself for?

2) What habits do I have that keep me comparing myself to others?

3) Where and when do I struggle to be my true self?

Please bring a pen and plenty of paper to the event – the session will focus on you answering a series of questions by taking notes in a quick paced fashion.

More about Hannah Sharma:

Hannah is a Self-Love Coach and founder of Hannah Sharma Coaching. In 2018, Hannah became seriously unwell and her treatment and recovery completely changed her perspective of the world around her. Her mission in her own life is to seek adventure, health and happiness so that she can achieve her own freedom and peace. She strives for continuous growth, self-awareness and self-love so she can inspire others to do the same. By being grateful for every new day, she helps others to feel empowered and live life on their own terms.Sign up! now.

If you want to find out more about Hannah, check her on Instagram or visit her website.

More about wellyou:

wellyou is a holistic program and real-life adventure game designed to increase peoples’ happiness & well-being – physically, mentally, socially – with science-based methods in an iOS app. Our mission is to help people become happier, healthier and more compassionate human beings.

You can find us as @wellyou.app and wewellyou – happy to meet you there! And you find out more about what we do here.

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