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Meal prepping has increasingly grown in popularity in the past few years. This is not surprising because it helps us to provide our bodies with healthy, balanced food while saving time and money. There are a lot of tips regarding this topic, but when it comes to nutrition, it’s always best to seek professional advice.

If you find yourself wanting to know more about how to get started with meal prepping, its benefits and what common mistakes to avoid, join nutritional therapist Rachel Graham for a free workshop called: Meal Prep 101.

During this event, Rachel will not only speak about general aspects of meal prepping, like its advantages and hints on how to start, but also share some meal prep tips from her ebook. Moreover, she will give some insights into the optimal ways to store your food.

More about Rachel:

Apart from being a fully-qualified Nutritional Therapist, she is also a Medicinal Chef with over 25 years’ experience in food and nutrition. She has also lectured on The Natural Chef Course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin.

And before you go, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and explore her website for a solid source of knowledge about nutrition.

More about wellyou:

wellyou is a holistic program and real-life adventure game designed to increase peoples’ happiness & well-being – physically, mentally, socially – with science-based methods in an iOS app. Our mission is to help people become happier, healthier and more compassionate human beings.

You can find us as @wellyou.app and wewellyou – happy to meet you there!

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