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With so many trending diets and conflicting advice on food and nutrition online, it’s quite common to feel confused about “the right way to eat”. We can rarely be sure if the information we read on social media is scientifically sound, or even false. What’s more, “eating healthy” seems to become an impossible mission if we start digging for advice ourselves.

If you find yourself wanting to know more about the current popular diets, or about healthy eating in general, join us for our Breakdown on popular trends on March 13th at 1pm EST, when our nutrition team will bring to you the science behind all these eating trends. Is a gluten-free diet healthier overall? Does keto work better for weight-loss? Do you need to consume only whole foods to be healthy? If you want to know the answer to these and similar questions, sign up for the event, we are eager to help you make more informed decisions about your diet!

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