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Body Weight Resistance Training

Do you want to move more but are struggling to decide where to start? This event might be perfect for you! Complete a simple but effective bodyweight resistance workout - no equipment needed!

Kickstarting 2021: Reach Your Goals and Live Intentionally

Everyone has goals that they would like to achieve. These can be related to our career, studies or personal development. However, do you feel that sometimes it’s hard to follow through? This happens to all of us, so join Belinda, our head of psychology, for a workshop!

Busting nutrition myths

With so many trending diets and advice, it’s quite common to hear false information about what we eat and what is good for our bodies. If you are still understandably confused, join Claudia on January 23rd at 1:00 pm EST.

Working From Home: Balancing your Physical, Mental and Social Well-being

2021 is finally here. What did you learn from 2020? For us, it has highlighted the importance of maintaining good health - physical, mental, and social - and how this should be a top priority in all of our lives going forward. We invite you to join us for tips on how to do this while working from home.

wellyou in motion

Did you always want to try dancing? Or are you already an expert? If the answer is yes to either question, this event is for you. Join Sandria for a free dance class!

Awareness Meditation

Multiple scientific studies conducted on meditation reveal the various benefits of regular practice: it helps preserve an ageing brain, develop awareness, increase focus and concentration and leads to positive changes in key areas of the brain.

HIIT Workout

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Now is your chance to get started on this promise! This is an event that welcomes people of all levels, whether you are just getting into exercise or wanting to spice up your fitness routine! The only thing you will need is comfy sports shoes.

Vinyasa Flow with wellyou

Do you like yoga but you get bored of the slow pace of classes? Do you need something more challenging when it comes to yoga? Are you looking for something that will make you sweat? Then this class is made for you!

Balancing Your Well-being

At wellyou, we believe that happiness and well-being are a lot of small things done well, day by day across all areas: physical, mental, and social. It’s not about focusing and excelling in one area in life but making sure that we give attention to and maintain a balance between all three.

Building Positive Relationships Around You

Communication is key for building relationships. We probably all had our struggles with misunderstandings or focused too deeply on negative thoughts, rather than being attentive to the positive aspects. Let’s learn how to communicate positively on February 28th at 2pm EST with Belinda, our head of psychology.  

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